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    Paper Pumpkin Party with friends!


    We design & prepare everything you need to create a beautiful project with your friends and tuck it inside a cute, red box—so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And because the projects are fun and easy, everyone is sure to enjoy a successful crafting experience. You can either organize this as a private party on your own with friends, or I can come over to help, it’s up to you! Here’s some easy steps to hosting a Paper Pumpkin party…

    Pretend that’s me with the long dark hair… haha!



    Choosing the kit is easy, you can always check the online store for past kits and refills. Or if you are a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber, you can add a couple kits to your next subscription shipment. You can do this by logging into your account on paperpumpkin.com and adjusting your kit quantity.

    Another option might be asking your guests to subscribe themselves so they can bring their own kit to your event. Or, a final option would be to let me know how many kits you’ll need, and I can order them with my subscription and have your guests prepay by the 10th of that month. A full kit comes to $34.50 (tax & shipping included) And besides the material needed for the projects, it also comes with a full stamp set + ink spot, so everyone goes home with one to make all kinds of projects!


    Great! You’ve decided to hold a Paper Pumpkin event. Now you’ll need invitations!

    We suggest keeping it simple. Invite five but not more than 15 people to your event. Paper Pumpkin kits are guaranteed to include at least eight projects in every kit and may have 20 or more.

    Invite your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church members, etc. Also, depending on the kit and what you want from your party, your guests might want to bring their kids! (We’ve discovered that kids love Paper Pumpkin, too!)

    Send invitations via Facebook, text, or e-invite. You can also download and print our Paper Pumpkin PDF invitation. Just fill it out and send it off. Or if you’re really feeling creative, make handmade invitations.

    Click HERE to download & print


    Preparing for the event can be a lot of fun! I’ll have sample made from my Kit, or if you just wanna do the party on your own with your friends, you can simply tell me how many kits you’d like, and you would use your own kit to create your samples (Don’t worry—instructions are included!) Once you’re done, you’ll know how to make the project, and your guests will have samples so they can see what they’re going to create. Be sure to display your projects so everyone can see them.


    Another extremely important preparation tip is to reach out a day or two before the event and remind your guests about your party. Remember, everyone’s different: Some like a Facebook message, others prefer a text, and some want a personal phone call. A simple reminder can be the difference between having two or three guests at your party or ten!


    Paper Pumpkin has everything you need to create your projects, but you might want to have a few extra supplies on hand for your event. Here are a few examples.

    • Simply Shammy or Stampin’ Scrub & mist
    • Bone Folder
    • Extra blocks
    • Paper Snips

    After you have assembled everything you need for your party, prepare place settings for your guests. Be sure that each person has what they need to make the project(s). 



    The fun begins! First, we’ll welcome your guests and provide basic direction and/or demonstration based on group size and experience. You’ll sit with them to create the projects together, you’ll get to socialize, and we’ll help your guests as needed.

    Most of all, enjoy spending time with your guests. Make sure everyone feels included and is having a good time. They’ll go home with an amazing project they made all by themselves, AND they’ll be ready to do it all over again next month! Yes, we can do this monthly, as Paper Pumpkin offers a different kit every month, and it’s always a fun surprise to open that red box!

    And when you host a Paper Pumpkin Party with me, I always make sure to bring door prizes for your guests and for you, the Hostess!

    Looks like you’re ready to have a fun crafting party with Paper Pumpkin! We’re sure your guests will have a fantastic time. Be sure to create a post on social media and use the hashtag #paperpumpkin. We want to see how it went!

    Anyone can subscribe to get a monthly kit anytime by clicking HERE! Contact me to get started…

    Email: stampinjo@gmail.com
    Cell: (506) 874-5885